Allied Health Supports

Supporting Your holistic needs

At Australian Support Resources, we believe that a holistic approach benefits greater health and well being for you to achieve all you can be!

You're an Individual

Therefore, you have different needs and supports that are tailored to your requirements.

A Helping Hand

Having the networks and dedicated support to help you achieve the most in your life, and making sure that your NDIS plan is used to the fullest potential for a greater quality of life.

The Support You need

Our team of experts are here to provide you individual, specialist support to make sure you are assisted with the best team possible!

Helping you Grow

Everything we do at ASR is to help you grow into the person you want to be. From supporting you with the right health professionals, we're all about you.

How can we Help Support you in every aspect of your health?

Our Allied Health services work collaboratively with you and those important to you, to ensure your needs are met in a comprehensive, person centred and realistic way supporting you to achieve your NDIS goals in ways unique to you

community support

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologists help people who have complications in communication to communicate more effectively. They also work to assist speech development and build strategies to support people with difficulties communicating to find other ways of communication.

Occupational Therapy

ASR’s Occupational Therapists support people living with a disability to live to their full potential and enhance independence with everyday activities. Our Occupational Therapists can support you with things like identifying alternative strategies to help manage self-care, domestic tasks, meal preparation, community access or increasing function to live independently. The NDIS is supportive in funding the supports needed to influence these key areas of everyday life.


ASR Psychologists can support you and your family. We believe strong mental health support is a key area for positive well being and an important way forward to best enjoy your life. Everyone has different needs to support their mental health. Our psychologists can work with you and those who are important to you to tailor  unique programs to suit your needs.

WHAT Our clients say

"ASR services are second to none. They have provided endless help and support to both, my brother Johnny who is quite high on the spectrum, but also to me and my family. They are amazing in every way. What can I say? I know that I can rely on them to take care of my brother. Thank you to all the staff for your amazing work,  especially with helping transition my brother into permanent accommodation and for assisting him to grow both socially and in his personal space."
Maria Xafelis
"I really found a great community at Australian Support Resources. They have helped me to make friends, the team are super friendly and always say hi to me. They have set me up with providers who can run activities for me (and my friends who go there) and we have a really good time!"
Tolga Cinik
helping families

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