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Giving your NDIS plan some POWEr.

With Australian Support Resources, your NDIS plan can be the best it can be!

Your PLan is Unique

Each Plan represents an individual, with their own needs. We help to tailor your plan to suit you, because at the end of the day, no one else is like you!

Knowledge and Expertise

Our team of experts have extensive knowledge of the NDIS and how to help you navigate it. We'll help you realise your plan's maximum effectiveness.

control is in your hands

All our participants get access to a mobile app, where they can see their spend, approve expenditure and keep up-to-date with their plan.

Local and National network

We have a large database of NDIS providers all across Australia, with a deep understanding of Local importance. We can help you find the right provider for you!

What is Plan Management?

Our Plan Management team are a group of NDIS experts who specialise in maximising your NDIS Plan. We support you in managing your NDIS funds and take care of the time-consuming and tricky daily admin tasks, such as processing invoices and claiming from the NDIS. Plus, we can give you access to our connected mobile app, where you can easily track your funding any time. 

NDIS Managed

Self Managed

PLan Managed

Frequently asked questions

Plan Management is included in your NDIS plan at no cost to you. If you don’t have Plan Management in your plan (it should be under ‘Improved Life Choices’), all you need to do is request Plan Management with your planner anytime. Feel free to use our handy Request Form.

  1. Give the NDIS a call on 1800 800 110
  2. Explain that you want to switch to Plan Management so you can have the flexibility to access unregistered providers. In the current situation in Australia, make it clear that this is because of COVID-19, or else your request might take longer to be processed.
  3. The NDIS will send the request through to your Local Area Coordinator, urging them to action it as quickly as possible.
  4. You will be contacted by the NDIS or your Local Area Coordinator when your request is approved.
  5. Give our friendly ASR team a call on 1300 521 541 or sign up here to get set up quickly and start making more out of your NDIS budgets.

All our participants get access to a mobile app, where they can see their spend, approve expenditure and keep up-to-date with their plan.

Alternatively, You can always contact our team on 1300 521 541 and they can help you out.

No, having Plan Management included in your NDIS plan doesn’t affect any of your other NDIS funding. They won’t be cut because you want to have Plan Management. In fact, an additional NDIS funding amount will be added in to cover the service.

Yes! Support Coordination is a completely different support to Plan Management. It does not include any services for management of your NDIS funds. Your Support Coordinator helps you find and connect with service providers, not with your NDIS administration. You can definitely have Plan Management on top of Support Coordination, just ask for it from your Local Area Coordinator or NDIA representative.

You can always ask for a review of your plan and requesting Plan Management is a very good reason for a review. As mentioned in the NDIS Act, the NDIA can’t refuse this request. Although Plan Management is called a ‘Capacity Building Support’, it doesn’t mean that the NDIS aims for everyone to manage their funds themselves one day. The NDIS recognises that the expertise of a Plan Manager could be beneficial for all NDIS participants, regardless of their capacity to manage their funds themselves.


Find out more about how to request a review, or feel free to contact our team to discuss your specific situation, we have a lot of experience with supporting people with reviews.


WHAT Our clients say

"I've been getting great support with my NDIS plan from Australian Support Resources. Their continuous support with my financial plan has been great and they have given me really quick responses to my questions!"
Kelsie Maddrell
"I'm really happy with the help I'm getting from ASR! They've put in a lot of supports for my plan, but the travel allowance has been really great. The financial support has come in handy and has been very useful to help me get the support I need."
Craig Chamberlain
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